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Saori weave (Tokai)

Saori weave (Tokai)

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Saori weaving incorporates the sensibility and individuality of each person. In other words, it comes from "weaving differences". The philosophy of SAORI Ori is to weave as you like, "Scratches and patterns" and "Unevenness and art". At our company, people with disabilities (handicapped people) carefully weave their own individuality and thoughts into the thread at their own pace. It's "Saori weaving" filled with everyone's stories!


At present, our company is mainly engaged in three business operations: the disability welfare service business "Gopo" and "IPPO", the leisure support business "Toba Athletic", and the planning and sports business "ATHLEAD". “Guppo” and “IPPO” are active with the aim of cultivating jobs that make use of the characteristics of each person's disability and improving their abilities. We are aiming to develop various businesses in order to provide comprehensive support for those with disabilities. Furthermore, in order to increase relationships with other industries, we are making efforts to visualize the actual situation of "employment of people with disabilities" outside of employment facilities, which has not been well known in society until now, and to raise interest. Currently, we are already working on Mizufuku collaboration (fisheries and welfare), but in the future we are also aiming for agriculture and welfare collaboration (agriculture and welfare) and the nation's first Bifuku collaboration (art and welfare). In addition, "Gopo" and "IPPO" aim to be a "one and only place" where not only users themselves but also their families can leave their families with peace of mind. I would like to do my best to work toward the goals of the SDGs, with the goal of making “first” efforts in all businesses and discovering new possibilities and values. Other than Gopo and IPPO, Toba Athletic is a pro bono group, exploring various projects aimed at coexistence with the local community. "ATHLEAD" has the slogan "You can overcome any obstacle through sports!" I would like to do my best to work towards the goals of the SDGs, with the goal of carrying out “first” initiatives in all of our businesses and discovering new possibilities and values. In addition, we aim to improve the sense of purpose and technology of users in all businesses, and eventually we will actively hire them as regular employees of our company and introduce them to other companies for employment of people with disabilities. The city of Toba, where our company is based, is rapidly aging, and it is becoming an environment in which young people who were born and raised locally are forced to leave Toba. In order to improve the current situation, I would like to propose various mechanisms and initiatives aimed at regional revitalization through social role valorization.

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