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Gaarikmusume (Shikoku) for Japan only

Gaarikmusume (Shikoku) for Japan only

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Kotohira Town Council of Social Welfare

Kotohira Town is a garlic-producing region. Based on the garlic produced in Kotohira, Gaarik Musume is a product created through the cooperation of the town's agriculture, industry, and commerce. It has led to the revitalization of various fields, such as facilities for the disabled that also process garlic.
It is recommended not only for its taste, but also for health-conscious people.

Kotohira town is a production area of garlic. Based on Kotohira garlic, Gaarikmusume is a product created through cooperation between agriculture, industry, and commerce in the town. This has led to the revitalization of various fields, such as a facility for people with disabilities processing garlic.
Not only is it delicious, but it is also recommended for health-conscious people.

What is a social welfare council?

It is supported by the participation and cooperation of many people, and is based on the independent efforts of residents based on their welfare needs.

It is a private organization with a public nature and autonomy that aims to realize a community where everyone can live with peace of mind by working on various welfare issues.

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