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CYAN is a bright blue color that expresses the magnificence of the sea and the power of nature that humans cannot match.CYAN's polish is a sustainable polish made from discarded scallop shells and containing natural materials.






Uses discarded scallop shellsEnvironmentally friendly and does not use organic solventsClose to nature, gentle on nails




Yamajin has been farming scallops for 48 years in Mutsu BayWe have been facing the sea for a long time, from farming to processing.We knew about the usefulness of scallop shells,I have thrown away many shells.However, as a producer responsible for a sustainable society,When you think you can do something by using discarded shellsI learned that this shell can be used to make water-based nails that are gentle on the nails and skin.Those who have weak nails and find it difficult to apply conventional manicure or gel nails,Those who want to wear materials that are close to nature, those who want to enjoy the simple colors of water-based nails,I decided to develop this polish, believing that various people can freely enjoy their nails.Magnificent and gentle, sometimes intense, ephemeral, like the glittering seaVarious expressions on your toes.⁡We propose an original style that makes use of natural materials.


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