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Skin Secret <Easy F Boost Boost EFB>For US/Japan

Skin Secret <Easy F Boost Boost EFB>For US/Japan

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Easy F Boost Boost EFB is recommended for :

Additive-free, fragrance-free / moisturizing + aging care

(1) Those who are concerned about aging and wrinkles due to age (2) Those who have thickened keratin due to various causes such as irregular life and ultraviolet rays, and those who are prone to dryness (3) Those who have sensitive skin and are concerned about preservatives and fragrances


<Product description>

A doctor's cosmetic that specializes in boost type aging care and moisturizing that can be used by adding a drop to various cosmetics and mixing it, or by itself. 100% active high-concentration growth factors (EGF + FGF) are nanoized to deliver ingredients firmly and reliably to the dermis layer to create beautiful skin. We use 100% active growth factors through our unique growth factor extraction method. Repair damaged skin with EGF ingredients, approach worrisome fine wrinkles, create collagen and improve wrinkles. Ingredients such as collagen hyaluronic acid and placenta firmly moisturize and keep young skin plump.

<Ingredient content>

BG Water Ventylene Glycol Propanediol Human Genetic Recombination Oligopeptide 1 (EGF), Human Genetic Recombination Polypeptide-31 Placenta Extract Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid Na Acetyl Hyaluronate Sodium Hyaluronate Water Soluble Collagen Cerebroside Hydrolyzed Silk Sodium Phosphate Lecithin Xanthan Gum Glyceryl palmitate Phenoxyethanol

<Guide to use up>

It can be used for about 2 months as a guideline for using 2 drops at a time.

<Precautions for use>

Since no preservatives are used, do not store in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 32°C. Refrigerator storage recommended Shake well before use.

<Brand Overview: What is Skin Secret? >

A cosmetic brand jointly developed with Sapho Clinic, a cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology clinic that has been in business for over 80 years. A beauty essence created based on the wishes of doctors and customers in the medical field. We aim to improve skin troubles and make products that are gentle on the skin and can be used by anyone.

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