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Miracle Kuru soujikko Craft Handy (Shikoku) for Japan only

Miracle Kuru soujikko Craft Handy (Shikoku) for Japan only

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It's an adhesive cleaner without a handle, so you can use it quickly when you want to use it. The main body is made of cardboard, so it is plastic-free, environmentally friendly, and not disposable. It has a compact design that does not take up much space, and the box and main body have a cute design, so even if you place it where you want to use it, such as the living room or table, it will blend in with the room without being recognizable as a cleaning tool.

The product that is an adhesion cleaner without handle can be use easily whenever we want.The cleaner is made of cardboard and not disposable, so it is eco-friendly in terms of plastic reduction.The size of the cleaner is compact and the design is kawaii as well, so the product fits in the room, for example in a living room or on a table, so that we can't recognize it's a cleaner at a glance.

"Daily cleaning, more carefree and fun"
Since cleaning is such a difficult task, why not create a product that is not only convenient but also makes you feel positive? "Miracle Kuru soujikko" was born from such thoughts.

"More Comfortably, More Enjoyably, with Daily Cleaning"
For the reason that cleaning is taking a lot of time, is it possible to develop cleaner not only convenient but making user feel better? The brand "miraclekuru soujikko" was born from this idea.

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