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Long Cocoon (Chugoku) for Japan only

Long Cocoon (Chugoku) for Japan only

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A Japanese paper accessory that expresses the texture of Japanese paper as it is, and is characterized by its softness, toughness, and lightness. These earrings are unique and unique.
There are piercing type and non-hole type.
Please wear it and feel the airy feeling.
It can be folded flat for travel and more compact storage.
It is an accessory that you can play with as many as you like when you open it.

Possibilities of “Washi”
Possibility of Japanese paper

A design that approaches Japanese traditional culture, Japanese paper, from an unprecedented angle and incorporates traditional crafts more closely.
The joy of being able to use it while loving it Bringing the good old "manufacturing" to the new beauty of Japan

Possibility of Japanese paper
Approaching Washi, a traditional Japanese culture, from an unprecedented angle
A design that makes traditional crafts more accessible.
Enjoy the pleasure of using it while loving it. Good old "Monozukuri" to a new Japanese beauty.

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