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Recycled Orizuru Paper Aroma Diffuser PEACE/LOVE (China) for Japan only

Recycled Orizuru Paper Aroma Diffuser PEACE/LOVE (China) for Japan only

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EARTH Hiroshima

<Japan's first> Aroma diffuser using recycled paper cranes Recycled paper cranes are folded one by one to delicately express the cherry blossoms, which are loved as Japanese flowers both at home and abroad.
The scent of 100% natural fragrance is based on the theme of "Peace", which gives a refreshing impression of peace and freshness, and "Love", which gives a soft, gentle sweetness and freshness.

First in Japan>>Aroma diffuser made with recycled orizuru (paper cranes) paper
Folding the recycled orizuru paper, cherry blossoms (an emblem of Japan) are elaborately expressed.
2 kinds of 100% natural aroma are available; “Peace” is a refreshing aroma giving the impression of a fresh, calming breeze. “Love” is a sweet, clear aroma with a soft and gentle impression.

“EARTH Hiroshima” is a peace brand from Hiroshima that delivers to the world.
Hiroshima's manufacturing industry and creators will work together to create goods with a wish for peace and deliver them to the world.

“EARTH Hiroshima” is a brand for peace, launched in Hiroshima and delivered to the world.
Expressing their hopes for peace, Hiroshima-based manufacturers
and creators are collaborating to make and deliver a special line of goods worldwide.

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