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Ama Fan Drifting Two (Tokai)

Ama Fan Drifting Two (Tokai)

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I made a Hinaga fan using the work of Mr. Kenji Yoshida, a copperplate artist in Shima City. Shima in Mie Prefecture is synonymous with Ama, and Kenji Yoshida is the writer who drew Ama. “To take cool air” means to cool down, but it is not just about lowering the temperature that you feel on your skin. His wisdom and sensibility are still alive today. The materials of Hinaga Uchiwa are bamboo and Japanese paper. Fans that do not use electricity are the ultimate eco-friendly products. As an interior decoration, it is cool to the eyes and cool even when a fan is used. We hope to deliver a real breeze that cannot be felt with plastic.

Hinaga fan

Fans are said to have been used by aristocrats during the Nara period (710-794) from China to Korea to protect against wind, light, and dust, to hide faces, and to be used as decorations. During the Warring States period, it was also used as a military commander's military uniform. Handmade bamboo fans can be broadly divided into three types, depending on how the handle is made: Hirae, Sashie, and Marue. Fans have a round handle. A thin piece of bamboo is used as it is, and the handle is round, fits well in the hand, and feels cool and comfortable when held. It uses medake, which is the same bamboo as the fishing rod. Since the three-dimensional bamboo is stretched into a flat fan shape, it is difficult to process and requires a high level of skill, but for that reason, the wind blowing softly creates an elegant and unique characteristic. Hinaga Uchiwa are fans that were originally brought to Japan from China via Korea. Which dates back to the Nara period (AD 710~784), depict the fans being used by nobles as decorations, to cover their faces, and shield from the wind, sunlight, and dust. In the Sengoku period (16th century) the fans were popular among samurai commanders. Japanese handmade bamboo fans are classified into three common types based on their handle. is made from a single piece of thin bamboo. The round handle ensures the fan fits comfortably in the hand. Also, Hinaga Uchiwa fans are made from female bamboo plants, the same kind of bamboo used as fishing rods. strong, but elastic framework, much like a wooden bow. It is difficult to form a flat fan from a round piece of bamboo, but our high level techniques create fans with distinctive characteristics that ensure they create a pleasant breeze.

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