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Secret broth (Tokai)

Secret broth (Tokai)

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You can easily make boiled alfonsino, a local dish of the Izu Peninsula, at home. Just dilute the broth with water and simmer for about 10 minutes. It can also be used for typical Japanese home cooking such as nikujaga and sukiyaki. Special cooking sauce which you can easily cook the most preferred local dish of Izu Peninsula "Kinmedai no Nitsuke" (simmered alfonsino) at home. Simply dilute the cooking sauce with water to double its volume and simmer for about 10 minutes. used in typical Japanese home cooking such as “Nikujyaga” (meat and potatoes) and Sukiyaki.


Tokuzomaru was founded in 1926 as a fisherman for the Izu Inatori fishing port. Currently, we are making use of our three strengths: "selected ingredients carefully selected by the fisherman", "cooked by skilled chefs", and "processed and manufactured in the latest glass-enclosed factory". We manufacture fresh seafood and our original “secret broth”. In addition, through our directly managed restaurants and seafood stores in the Izu Hakone area, we provide customers visiting the area for a memorable taste. We deliver the taste of Based on the corporate philosophy of “satisfying customers with fresh, exciting, and local flavors,” we aim to expand into overseas markets in the future. Tokuzoumaru was founded in 1926, as a fisherman of Izu-Inatori fishing port. Today, we produce a variety of seafood products, by taking advantage of our three strengths, “strictly selected fishes by fisherman's eye”, “cooked by highly skilled Itamae chef” Kinmedai (Splendid alfonsino), which is the most favorite local fish in this area, is our specialty. In addition, our original “Heden no Nijiru” cooking sauce is also our On the other hand, we operate our own Amomoto restaurants and Kaisenya seafood shops throughout Izu-Hakone area, which provide memorable tastes to tourists visiting this area. Furthermore, we deliver our traditional local flavor to customers all over Japan through our mail order business and wholesale business. Together with our corporate philosophy “Satisfy our customers with Freshness, Excitement and Local taste” we are looking forward to expand our business to overseas markets.

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