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Antlers deer ring (Kansai)

Antlers deer ring (Kansai)

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The Je et nous deer ring gently holds the energy of a deer in your hand. Deer are called "God's messengers" and are said to receive messages from the gods with their horns. I wanted to make an accessory that would receive the power of a deer and give me a little push on my back. A thin silver ring is combined with a deer horn, which is a symbol of strength. It's a work that doesn't make a strong statement, but you can feel the commitment that is different from others. While absorbing messages and energy from the heavens with horns, it will become your strength today. When you look at your hand, you will think, "This ring is on your side," and make your day a little brighter. You can enjoy deer rings as "items to support yourself". One size fits all, so please adjust it to fit your finger. People who are tired of simple silver rings, people who want to wear accessories with a little power, people who want a hidden essence to get through the day with a smile. This “deer designed ling” from Je-et-nous will give you their deer energy though your hands. Here in Japan, deer is called as a “Messenger of God”,and they are believed to receive the messages from God. et-nous hopes this energy to be given to humans, through this deer designed ring. Silver ling has this very thin shape, but has the strength that the deer's hone represents. originality. When you give your look to this ring on your finger, you will be receiving the message from the ring saying “I got your back“. The day will be brighter with this ring, and this is what it is made for. your day with a bit of power from deer.


Je et nous deer design miscellaneous goods are available from handmade works to overseas orders. All of them are carefully selected works with deer motifs that are lined up in the store, and are selected with the feeling that your heart will dance when you hold them in your hands. It is a deer lineup that you want to keep by your side all the time, not just for the moment. In today's world where SDGs are required, environmentally friendly materials and usage methods are required instead of disposable ones. In Nara Prefecture, where we have a store, wild deer live peacefully together with people. A comfortable environment for deer is also a comfortable environment for us Nara residents. So that people can spread the energy of deer and the preciousness of nature. May today, when you have deer-motif miscellaneous goods by your side, lead to tomorrow. Through the power of deer, we, Jewel, look to an earth-friendly future. ~~ Je et nous, a deer general store in Nara~~ Je et nous is a deer goods store that has been operating a small store in Nara Prefecture for 20 years. It is a specialty store. Did you know that deer are said to be messengers of the gods in Nara? The beginning dates back to 767. It is said that the god Takemikazuchi no Mikoto came from Kashima Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture to Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara Prefecture riding a white deer. Thus, the deer came to be called "Shinroku". In Nara Prefecture, it is quite natural for people to live side by side with such deer. With their dignified spines, pointed snouts, and towering horns on their heads, the deer, which combine beauty and cuteness, mysteriously gather at power spots in Nara Prefecture to relax today. Jouen, who opened a deer goods store in Nara Prefecture, was also fascinated by the energy of deer. From accessories to stationery, we have only items with deer motifs. In order to deliver deer energy from Jewel, we have started handling it not only in stores but also online. With the desire to support those who want it as a "gift for themselves", we have prepared a small gift from Jewel. I would be happy if I could deliver the energy of the deer who live a relaxing life in Nara's power spots. Je-et-nous is an all about Deer designed select shop, from made-in-japan hand crafts to imported ones from overseas. No item is just settled at the shop counter but chosen by a shop owner, following the feeling of her heart bouncing at a glance. You will find yourself being comfortable with Je-et-nous's selections, it is not only for a time but for your lifetime. We are all living on the planet which needs movements like SDGs, the products should be used for a long period rather than one-time-use, so we could be a little friendly with the environment. Nara where we have our tiny shop in Japan, is a place sharing the environment with wild deer. , then the humans in Nara also can live in the comfortable environment. Je-et-nous is wishing the humans to have a respect to the nature, and is believing that the humans could absorb the powerful energy from deers in return. future with a rich nature, through out our deer powered pro ~~~ We, Je-et-nous is a small deer specialized select shop located in Nara, has been opened for 20years today. Have you already known that in Nara, the deer is believed as a messenger of god. like 1255years ago, a god named ”Takemikazuchi no Mikoto” has ride a white deer from Kashima Shrine in Ibaraki prefecture to Kasuga Shrine in Nara prefecture. What you call “Divine deer” has come from this sacred story. In Nara, deers are sharing their lives with humans. They somehow gather at shrines and those spots with energy and power, and them relax. Je-et-nous is a shop inspired by deers and their power. stationaries, we are hoping to bring the energy of divine deer, all the way from the shop to anywhere in the whole world. It would be our pleasure to make your life brighter with our products, filled with the power of deer. bring you smile when you open your package…

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