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It is also recommended to use it as a tray to keep accessories or glasses, or as a stand for a planter. It comes in three shapes: circle, square, and hexagon.






1Recycled plastic goods made from 100% used plasticEach product is handmade, and no two are alike in color or pattern.Our products have been exhibited at several design awards and overseas design exhibitions.




BOPE, born in Thailand, is a sustainable sundries brand made from 100% recycled plastic, using discarded plastic bottle caps as raw materials.BOPE is a sustainable sundry goods brand made of 100% recycled plastic.The products are handmade by craftsmen using original molding machines.The brand's unique designs, which are never the same, have been recognized by theIn 2018, the brand won the Young Designer Award at the Design Award in Chiang Mai, Thailand!Their environmentally friendly products will make your daily life more colorful.


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