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Deaiwo Serum Cream / Deaiwo Special Cream (Kansai)

Deaiwo Serum Cream / Deaiwo Special Cream (Kansai)

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The Deaiwo series is commonly composed of 95.1% of carefully selected serum ingredients, including human stem cell culture extract. Carefully selected serum ingredients penetrate the skin and moisturize it. Surprisingly smooth feeling of use that overturns the concept of cream. It's a luxurious cream, so you don't need anything else. You don't need lotion, milky lotion or pack. Use DeaiwoSpecialCream as a plus one item for areas where you are concerned about dry fine wrinkles that are signs of aging. The smooth texture is said to surprise and impress people of all ages. The repeat purchase rate of customers who have used our products is almost 100%. Deaiwo series Serum ingredients penetrate into the skin surprisingly smooth cream that protects the skin from moisture. Complete skin care with one serum cream.Nothing else is needed. If you are concerned about wrinkles, which are signs of aging, you can apply Deaiwo Special Cream only to those areas. Its amazingly smooth texture makes you want to apply it on your hands, face, neck and body. Look at all the ingredients. Numerous luxurious beauty ingredients. effect.It is a product that pleases people of all ages and nationalities.


The brand concept is to gently snuggle up to life. The idea that everyone's skin is the same, regardless of gender, age, or nationality. We aim to create simple, gentle, high-quality cosmetics that everyone wants to use. Brand Concept Be kind to life Regardless of gender, age, or nationality, we all have the same skin. We aim to make simple, gentle, high-quality cosmetics that everyone will want to use.

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