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Without Precare Essence C

Containing fresh collagen*1 from FAITH, this serum penetrates into the stratum corneum and becomes part of the skin the moment you apply it.
The world's first *2 permeation technology, fresh collagen that penetrates into the stratum corneum
Collagen, which is the key to beautiful skin, does not easily enter the skin

Collagen is an important ingredient that is the key to beautiful skin, such as moisture, firmness, elasticity, and transparency.

<What is Face Fresh Collagen?> >

Face has succeeded in penetrating the skin (up to the stratum corneum) by simply applying it by wrapping raw collagen in its own nanocapsules that easily penetrate the skin. That is “Faith Fresh Collagen” jointly developed with LVMC *3 .

<Realization of “Lamellar beauty method” to trim the corners>

Face does not protect the surface of the skin with an oil film, but instead uses a unique skincare method called “Intracorneal Skin Care,” which maintains healthy skin from the roots by “adjusting the lamellar structure*4 within the stratum corneum.” Lamellar beauty method" is advocated. Pre-Care Essence C is the definitive beauty essence for the lamella beauty method within the stratum corneum.

<Product description>

PreCare Essence C contains a triple combination of face collagen, hyaluronic acid *5 and elastin *6 ! ! A beauty essence that is used by dissolving the freeze-dried (freeze-dried) essence in 2nd agent water, which contains vitamin C glycosides *7 . Gives moisture and firmness to the skin, and prepares the stratum corneum.

With the effect of three moisturizing ingredients that are essential for beautiful skin,
Holds plenty of moisture in your skin, leading to clear, firm skin.

<How to use>

Take an appropriate amount, spread it well on the palm of your hand, and then gently apply it to the entire face. After that, rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.

<Contents> Agent 1 Essence: 3 bottles / Agent 2 Water: 7.5mL x 3 bottles

<Preservation method/requires refrigeration>

Because it contains "Faith Fresh Collagen", temperature control is required to maintain quality. Store in the refrigerator after dissolving.

<All ingredients>
1st agent Essence <br data-mce-fragment="1">Ingredients: disodium phosphate, mannitol, water-soluble collagen, raffinose, potassium phosphate, sodium hyaluronate, trehalose, glycerin, BG, hydrogenated lecithin, hydrolysis Elastin, phytosterols, carboxymethyl dextran Na

2nd agent Water Potassium oxide *Please note that all the ingredients displayed may differ from the product you have due to reasons such as improvements.

*1 Moisturizing ingredients: biological phospholipids (hydrogenated lecithin), raw collagen (water-soluble collagen), phytosterols *2 World's first cosmetic base used (Benchmark Statistical Research Inc., November 2015) *3 LVMC Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Professor Masahiko Abe of the Tokyo University of Science Research Institute and Hideki Sakai of the Faculty of Science and Technology The company is made up of professors from the Tokyo University of Science who have also conducted research at major cosmetics companies. We are engaged in cutting-edge cosmetics research and development. (Source: Excerpted from the “LVMC INC. About LVMC” page on “Yahoo! Shopping”) *4: The structure of the stratum corneum composed of water and lipids *5: Moisturizing ingredient: hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate)
*6 Moisturizing ingredient: elastin (hydrolyzed elastin) *7 Skin conditioning ingredient: vitamin C glycoside (ascorbyl glucoside)

<FAITH that promises skin results>
Cosmetics to make you beautiful should not give trouble to your skin. Since its founding in 1987, Faith has continued to create skin care cosmetics that create healthy and truly beautiful skin without using synthetic surfactants. In 2009, we developed “Faith Fresh Collagen,” a nanocapsule wrapped with fresh collagen, which was said to be difficult to penetrate into the skin. We have established the world's first (*a) lamellar beauty method that allows fresh collagen to enter the stratum corneum and adjust the lamellar structure (*b) of the skin simply by applying it. Its cosmetics are polished at esthetic salons nationwide and are supported by people with various skin problems, making it the No. 1 share of salon cosmetics (*c). Its areas are expanding to include hair care, beauty drinks, beauty equipment, and shaping underwear. From skin care to lamellar care. Our challenge continues.
(*a)...Uses the world's first cosmetic base material (November 2015, Benchmark Statistics Research Institute)
(*b)...Inside the stratum corneum (*c)...According to Yano Research Institute Co., Ltd. "Esthetic Salon Marketing Comprehensive Book 2019"

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