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<Introduction to HAPPINESS BEAUTE>

For me. For the planet and all. for me, for all A skincare series to improve the basic strength of your skin and keep it clean. Contains HBP complex centered on rosemary extract as a naturally derived key ingredient. We aim to repel rough skin and maintain good skin. The skin care series improving the basic power of the skin and maintaining the beautiful skin. The series contains HBP Complex mainly on Rosemary Extract as natural key ingredient, preventing the skin troubles and supporting to keep the skin in good condition.

It's something you use on your skin every day, so it's clean and reliable. All products in the series have acquired vegan certification*1 and halal certification*2. We do not test on animals. HAPPINESS BEAUTE is a happy and clean product design that considers not only the skin, but also the global environment and animals. *1 Certification by The Vegan Society *2 Certification by Japan Asia Halal Association Skin care products should be clean and trusted because we use it everyday. All products are acquired Vegan Certification*1 and Halal Certification*2. The development of our products. Not only for the skin, but also for the environment and creatures on the earth, MOMOTANI HAPPINESS BEAUTE is based on the design of clean and happiness. Association


A highly concentrated serum with a high concentration of active ingredients. We focus on addressing skin concerns and aim to maintain healthy skin. HAPPINESS BEAUTE REVITALIZING ESSENCE is an oil serum containing bakuchiol, a firming and elastic component that is attracting attention as a next-generation retinol. Gives luster and moisture to tough dry skin, realizing plump and soft skin. Paraben-free, ethanol-free, UV absorber-free, mineral oil-free, synthetic colorant-free, vegan certified, Halal certified

The essence containing active ingredient in high-concentration, which maintains the good condition of the skin to intensively approach to the worries of the skin. HAPPINESS BEAUTE REVITALIZING ESSENCE is oil serum containing the Bakuchiol known as the next retinol, which is effective to achieve the firm and elastic skin. To bring moisture and glow to the skin, makes the skin bouncy and soft even the tough dry skin. Paraben Free, Ethanol Free, UV Absorber Free, Mineral Oil Free, Synthetic Coloring Free, Vegan and Halal Certificated


<Company introduction>

Momotani Juntenkan Co., Ltd. Momotani Juntenkan was founded in 1885. It all started with a lotion, “Pimple Remover Facial Water,” which I made for my wife, who was suffering from acne. Even after more than 130 years, our desire to "solve people's problems" has not changed, and we deliver products with technology and quality that we have cultivated over our long history not only in Japan but around the world. . We aim for a future of beauty and health that satisfies our customers, together with the self-made cosmetics brand "Meishoku" that offers a wide variety of items and the brand "MOMOTANI" that has a global perspective. The Momodani Juntenkan Group has a purpose of "For Beauty and Well-Being to create a beautiful future for people and the earth", and by manufacturing products that coexist with the beautiful earth, we will help each and every person to shine in their own way and live a colorful life. increase.

<Company Outline>

MOMOTANI JUNTENKAN LTD. MOMOTANI JUNTENKAN established in 1885. The founder was created a bottle of BIGANSUI, and the product was based on the wish of solving wife's worried acne. The spirit of the founder's thought “wish of helping others to solve their problem” has been inherited by present day, over 130 years. MOMOTANI JUNTENKAN delivers high-technology and high-quality products through long history of experience to the world from Japan. To satisfy every customer demand with beauty and health future, MOMOTANI JUNTENKAN bring the self-service brand “MEISHOKU” with variable items, and global brand “MOMOTANI” focused on the overseas. “For Beauty and Well-Bing”, creating and living for the sustainable beautiful earth, MOMOTANI JUNTENKAN group set the purpose to support each one to spend the brilliant days.

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