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KAGUYA Wind-Bell (Kyushu) for Japan only

KAGUYA Wind-Bell (Kyushu) for Japan only

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KAGUYA wind chimes

A wind chime from the KAGUYA series, made by combining bamboo into a cylindrical shape and blowing hot glass into it. Local Oita bamboo is used for the clapper, and the sound of the bamboo hitting the glass echoes comfortably, even if you listen to it for a long time, you will never get tired of it. The hanging part is woven with waxed strings, so it is durable and long lasting. The strips are dyed with indigo or soil dyed with indigo grown organically by a dyeing artist. Please enjoy the beautiful tones produced by glass and bamboo, the indigo-dyed strips that sway in the wind, and “cool” as an item that will soothe the summer heat.

KAGUYA Wind-Bell

Wind-bells are widely enjoyed throughout Japan especially during the hot and humid summer.The bells will sing the arrival of soothing breeze each time it passes by.These KAGUYA wind-bells are created by blowing hot glass into a cylindrical frame formed by joining bamboos All bamboos used in the process, including the clappers, are obtained locally from Oita, Kyushu. The loop at the top is made strong and firm by weaving together the strings used for candle wick and the rectangular wind catcher is dyed indigo using organic Japanese indigo, or orchre or bengala (red iron oxide) through mud dyeing. The soft sound the bamboo clapper makes each time it hits the glass and the random dance of the indigo wind catcher is nothing but delightful. I hope you will enjoy this little harmony of glass, bamboo and wind brought to you through the KAGUYA wind-bells.

1979 Born in Yokohama. At the age of 20, he was fascinated by the charm of glass when he traveled alone, and studied glass art in Japan and overseas. In 2015, he moved his production environment from major urban areas to Kuju Kogen, Oita Prefecture, which has magnificent nature, and started producing works using local materials. In recent years, from the "KAGUYA" series, which expresses the expression of bamboo, he has presented sculptures and practical pottery works. In addition, based in Oita, he actively produces products with regional characteristics and collaborates with artists of different materials.

Born in 1979, Naruhito INOUE set foot on his path as a glass artist after a mesmerizing encounter to its beauty during his solo trip at the age of twenty. Trained in and outside Japan, he moved his urban studio in 2015 to Kuju Highland (Oita , Kyushu) and began creating pieces which exploited the vast nature that surrounded him. Recent pieces include sculptures and tableware which were extensions of his “Kaguya” series, a creation which imprints on the surface, unique expressions of bamboos used during their production process. From his studio in Oita, INOUE also actively engages in the development of products that appeals local uniqueness and in many collaborations with other artists of different genres.

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