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OMOSHIROI PETALS | Sakura (Kansai)

OMOSHIROI PETALS | Sakura (Kansai)

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A petal-shaped message card where notes bloom and thoughts are connected A mysterious message card designed with the wish of “reopening = reunion” and the image of a single petal spreading and connecting. When you pull the paper in the shape of cherry blossom petals with intricate patterns, you can tear it off, and when you open the petals, a cherry blossom in full bloom appears. You can draw messages and illustrations on the unfolded petals to convey your special feelings to your loved ones. We can design everything from tourist attractions, impressive landscapes and cultures. As a local souvenir, it is ideal for use as an excursion pass to visit tourist attractions or as a facility coupon. Also, if you put it in a frame and display it in your room, it will become a memento you want to keep. A message card where wishes connect as messages bloom and open It is a singular message card designed under the image of petals that connects the wishes of “restart = reencounter” as they open. As you tear off its petal-shaped paper, and unfold every petal, which is decorated with a delicate motif, it will pop-up the shape of a full bloom Cherry blossom. You can write messages or draw on each of the unfolded petals' sheets and express your feelings or thoughts to your loved ones. design of the petals can be customized. Since we can incorporate anything such as tourist attractions, memorable scenery, and cultural elements into the design illustration, it is also ideal for use as a local souvenir, or as a tour pass that can be hung on the neck while enjoying walking around the tourist attractions, or even as a facility coupon. In addition, it also can be placed in a standing frame to decorate your room, making it a memorable item to keep. to-order an d customized products.


A design and manufacturing company founded in 1999. With the slogan "OMOSHIROI in shape", which means that the future will be brighter and richer by opening up a vision, we have creative planning (proposal power) × various designs (expressive power) × meticulous manufacturing (technical power). With our comprehensive strengths that combine and harmonize with each other, we will bring fun ideas to various forms such as things, things, and time, and deliver modest pleasures to everyday life around the world. Our original brand, OMOSHIROI series, is a product that embodies our company's slogan, which is to make you excited to turn over and look forward to using it, making you look forward to the future. We have made OMOSHIROI a variety of interesting motifs that show different expressions each time you turn the page, such as buildings such as world heritage sites and national treasures, beautiful cityscapes, culture, musical instruments, and characters. The OMOSHIROI BLOCK (memo pad), OMOSHIROI CALENDAR (calendar), OMOSHIROI FLAT (message card), and OMOSHIROI PETALS (petal message card) series are all customizable and original. We also accept orders to design motifs and produce custom-made products. These products are the only products made in Japan by our company, from planning to development to manufacturing. We are selling on our own EC site [OMOSHIROI Online Store] for 118 countries and regions. We are a design and manufacturing company founded in 1999. Under the slogan of "We Design -OMOSHIROI-”, we aim to bring joy to people through interesting ideas in diverse products by combining Planning (proposal capability) x Design (expressive capability) x Craftmanship (technical capability). Our original OMOSHIROI SERIES embody our vision by making people excited for the future as they go through the memo pages and the final design gradually takes shape. The OMOSHIROI series include the OMOSHIROI BLOCK (memo pad), OMOSHIROI CALENDAR ( calendar), OMOSHIROI FLAT (message card), and OMOSHIROI PETALS (petal-shaped message card). They are designed with compelling motifs such as cultural heritage sites, national treasures, beautiful cityscapes, musical instruments, and characters that appear as you go through the memo pad. All products can be customized with a company name, logo, etc. We also accept orders for customization and custom-made products with original designs. nique and fully made-in-Japan. They are planned, developed, and manufactured in-house by our company. We sell our products in 118 countries through our website [OMOSHIROI Online Store].||||

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