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onsensou hot spring algae scalp care shampoo (Kyushu) for Japan only

onsensou hot spring algae scalp care shampoo (Kyushu) for Japan only

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onsensou hot spring algae scalp care shampoo

Contains menthol (cooling ingredient)
For those who prefer a clean finish,
You can feel the refreshing feeling.
It lathers easily even in hard water, and it is comfortable to use with less hair creaking.

①Contains green algae extract, a hot spring beauty ingredient. Over 90% natural ingredients. Paraben free, isothizoline preservative free, silicone oil free, tar free, saponin free.

② Amino Acid Shampoo. Use mild taurine detergent (methyl coconut oil amide taurine Na). A gentle cleansing ingredient with good foaming that removes dirt smoothly.

3. Contains ingredients related to strengthening hair follicles to protect the scalp.

4. Controls oil, gives you a refreshing feel, and makes your hair beautiful and healthy.

onsensou Scalp Care Shampoo

Mint ingredients (cool ingredients).
It can bring refreshing feeling to people who like the refreshing feeling after washing.
Even hard water can blister easily and be comfortable to use.

1. Algae extract, more than 90% natural ingredients, no sulfates, no parabens, no isothiazoline-based preservatives, no silicone oil, no tar color, no soap-based ingredients.

2. Amino acid shampoo, using low irritant taurine lotion (sodium methylcocoyl taurine), rich creamy texture foam, effective mild decontamination, lasting effect.

3.Combined with hair follicle healing ingredients (algae extract, hydrolyzed yeast extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate), it gives all-round protection to the scalp.

4.Effective oil control, comfortable washing, can make hair roots become fluffy.


Onsensou hot spring algae is originated from the Japanese hot spring town of Beppu , Kyushu.
The series of products follow the sense of hot spring healing, and the patented ingredient hot spring algae essence creates a series of scalp care products, which makes the hair plump and fluffy, and restores the balance of the scalp environment.

The brand name of ONSENSOU is derived from "hot spring algae". Beauty ingredients extracted from algae that live in Beppu Onsen. This ingredient prepares the scalp environment and helps those who are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair.

Hot spring algae scalp care shampoo

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