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REFULL<remake×furusato PC Case> For US/Japan

REFULL<remake×furusato PC Case> For US/Japan

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Birth of REFULL

KIMONO (kimono) is now attracting attention from the fashion scene in Europe and other parts of the world. It is a traditional Japanese fashion that can be proud of to the world, with its high technology and delicate sense. Japanese women wear kimonos throughout their lives and have inherited traditional culture. But recently things have changed a bit. Opportunities to enjoy kimono are decreasing, and its value is almost forgotten. We reaffirmed the value of kimono and wanted to convey its splendor to the world. The brand name "Refull" is used to re-recognize the value of "old" kimonos, to revitalize local "hometowns", and to make kimonos from "furu" fashionable. "Re" means to make up. We aim to create a system that contributes to society by creating good and valuable things in a meaningful way. Although we are still in the development stage, we aim to create products that add color to our customers' daily lives and enrich their feelings. We hope to rediscover the value of traditional Japanese culture and be a presence that can be offered to the world.

<Product description>

Every day is a special day When you think of kimono, you probably think of a special day. Riful aims to be a brand that can be used not only for special occasions, but also for everyday wear. Design and functionality that match a wide range of scenes, from business scenes to private jeans styles. and comfortable to use. We have designed a design that can be used in any scene. Our works are the only one in terms of fabric colors, patterns and materials. All manufacturing processes are handmade. It is a computer case made by combining different materials, using luxuriously one-of-a-kind kimono sashes. In the business scene, the work that individuality shines. A soft and easy-to-use case gently wraps your precious PC. The inside is quilted to protect your PC, and it is a highly functional case with a pocket. It will be a work that brings out the goodness of kimono obi among Rifuru's works.


14 inches, A4 size Length: about 35.5 cm Width: about 25.5 cm

<Sustainable Points>

Sustainability that is truly meaningful and tangible We aim to be a one-of-a-kind fashion brand with a sustainability philosophy of 1) social circulation of resources and 2) social circulation of people.

(1) Social circulation of resources
In modern times, kimonos are forgotten from everyday life, and I felt that there is a problem with the current situation where kimonos are sleeping in seniors' drawers.
Using such vintage kimonos, we will remake and deliver Japanese accessories that can be used in everyday life.
It is a one-of-a-kind item with no two identical fabric colors, patterns, or materials.

(2) Social cycle of people                What leads to social contribution
People involved in Riful include seniors, handicappers, shut-ins, women raising children, students, and young creators.
Riful's activities aim to contribute to society through the creation of a system in which everyone can participate, cooperate, and play an active role.

We aim to be a sustainable fashion brand that represents Japan.

<Materials>Kimono obi, synthetic leather, genuine leather (depending on the piece), zipper

*All of the works at Refull are made by hand. The size and shape of each piece may differ slightly. Please understand that they are one-of-a-kind. -The colors and textures may look different between the photos on the screen and the real thing. -The kimono fabric used as the material may not be identifiable because it is second-hand. Please understand. In addition, after fully inspecting the items, they are remade with thread removal process. -Please note that some fabrics may fade or shrink when wet, so please be careful when handling them.

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