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Silk Road Wakan Soap

Silk Road Wakan Soap

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Nara, the birthplace of health and beauty, including herbs, aroma, and Chinese medicine, is also the birthplace of welfare. This soap is a collaboration of modern Japanese and Chinese medicine and welfare. It is produced and processed by Aoba Jin, a social welfare corporation. Locally grown herbs are carefully and slowly processed to create a 100% natural and gentle van. The cold-pressed process allows the natural active ingredients to dissolve into the soap in their natural state, resulting in a gentle and smooth soap. It lifts makeup and dirt from pores, cleanses and rinses clean, while protecting the skin's moisture. This soap is biodegradable without preservatives or coagulants, in consideration of history, culture, and environmental cycles. Comes with a silk handkerchief and a lucky charm. It is also recommended as a gift. The warmth and greenery of Yamato Touki, a Japanese herb, is a characteristic of this product.

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