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Empty sea urchin spines as accessories. An upcycled brand incorporating sea urchin spines into accessories. Empty sea urchins cause "iso-yaki," a condition in which sea urchins eat up seaweed beds by overabundant sea urchins. Isoyaki is a condition in which seaweed beds are eaten away by an overabundance of sea urchins. The loss of seaweed, which is attracting attention as an effective "blue carbon" resource that absorbs carbon dioxide, also contributes to global warming. The company's partner recovered empty sea urchins from the ocean floor in Oita Prefecture and utilized their spines for jewelry. "unihana" is a brand created in the hope of making a small contribution to areas affected by rocky shore scorch by educating people about marine ecosystems and blue carbon through accessories that utilize the beautiful sea urchin spines. We would be happy if everyone could think of the ocean, even for a moment, and think about climate change and the efforts of those affected by it.

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