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Yokihada soap ball

Yokihada soap ball

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Yokihada soap was developed in the pursuit of health and beauty by focusing on the herbal ingredients in Gero Gypsum, a traditional medicine from Gero Onsen (Gero Hot Springs). The soap is a little bit cute, and can be taken out by breaking a balloon, just like tama-yokan (bean jelly). The jelly-like soap gently cleanses the face and body. Free of preservatives, synthetic dyes, and synthetic fragrances, it is a safe and soothing soap. The uniquely Japanese colors are derived from Chinese herbal medicine. The subtle fragrance of lavender, yuzu, and other essential oils were carefully selected by a pharmacist. The soap comes in a special box. (The box can be used as a container for small items after opening, and the tray can be used as a soap holder.) For face wash and whole body. For gift-giving. For gifts. For yourself. Lavender (purple), geranium (peach), tea tree (green), yuzu (yellow), ylang-ylang (clear)

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